About the Barony & The SCA

The Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands is a local chapter of the SCA — a worldwide organization that studies and re-creates the Middle Ages and Renaissance. People in the SCA stage battles, create beautiful scrolls, dance, cook, tell stories, and generally take part in anything they find interesting about the Middle Ages. The Online SCA Demo demonstrates further the variety of activities that take place in the SCA.

So how do you get involved? The Chatelaine is the official point of contact for new members. You can contact her via e-mail at chatelaine@debatablelands.org. You can also look throught the lists of martial activities and arts and sciences activities to see if there's a particular area that interests you and get in contact with the person that runs it. You can also attend one of our Barony meetings to get to know people.

What about wearing medieval clothes (garb)? You don't need to wear garb to meetings and practices. It is, however, required to attend events. The Barony has a stock of loaner garb called Gold Key; you can borrow garb from it for your first couple events to get you started.

So welcome to the Barony and to the SCA, and we'll hope to see you at a meeting, practice, or event!

An Intro to the SCA

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